We offer a large selection of evergreens, including:


- Arborvitaes

- Chamaecyprus

- Hemlocks

- Pines

- Spruce

- Junipers

- Yews


Give us a call to check on specific varieties of evergreens!



Helpful tip! How to prevent Winterburn:


Many customers ask us about how to prevent winter damage on evergreens. There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your trees look beautiful.


First thing's first... Make sure that you prepare your evergreen trees and shrubs for the winter. Keep your evergreens well watered before and after they enter the dormant season in the fall which usually starts after the ground freezes.


At Lilydale, we offer Miracle-Gro Miracid, which is a great fertilizer for your evergreens as well as other acid-loving plants. Apply Miracid in the spring, and use weekly until around the 4th of July. Water your evergreen well to encourage new growth. Wait for the new growth to re-emerge and then carefully trim dead stems and brown leaves out of trees being careful not to kill any young buds.








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